Mentorship request:
Business advisor and caoch


I am an entrepreneur and we are building a tech startup. We are solving a problem that has plagued Africa and stalled development. We’ve legalised our venture and launched our MVP (an online website). But, we are facing many challenges.
1. We are not growing as much as we wish.
2. We are not getting in front of some of the customers and partners we want to reach.
3. We need coaching on how to plan and implement the strategies to reach our ultimate goal.
4. We need advice on raising capital.
5. Last but not least, we are in need of legal advice to be fully compliant and benefit from grants by the government.


First, thank you for doing the work you do.
Moving forward, I am seeking the help of a business advisor to help us in planning out a good strategy and reaching our goals.
The ideal mentor I am looking for is one who has helped grow a tech startup.
Also, the advisor will give financial and legal advice so we avoid the many pitfalls.

Asked on November 20, 2021

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