Mentorship request:
Brimore: a social commerce platform, that supports local manufacturers by selling the products via omnichannel


We are growing with an average rate of 30% m-o-m, however, we spotted many bottlenecks in our operations cycle, in the sales order, orders fulfillment, reverse orders…etc. that can prevent us to contain our growth potentials.
To unblock these bottlenecks, we need the following:
1- Engineer a comprehensive process based on all our observations during the last period
2- Integrate the technology more aggressively into all business aspects
3- Automate the ordering fulfillment process.


1- Assigning Operations consultants to unveil the blind spots in our designed process
2- Assigning tech-savvy to support us in piloting the technology solutions
3- Funding support to finance the required Capex of the automation process we need to pilot in the warehouse.

Asked on September 3, 2019

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