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Amet Business Consult Ltd is a business management and development training consulting firm looking to grow and groom African businesses or startups and entrepreneurs. We are a small team of young professionals with big ideas seeking investment partnerships to build an innovative and value-based business management systems for African Businesses and Entrepreneurs.


We are in need of very resourceful and energetic individuals who are excited about our goal of promoting African start-ups and empowering young entrepreneurs to be members of our Board. These individuals should have expertise in A.I or Digital Transformation, Corporate Branding or Marketing, Business Management and Financial Experts with networks for strategic partnerships to provide advisory to the Founder and Executive Team members.

We are very open minded, respectful, and will always appreciate any good advise toward our mission. Also, we are willing and ready to give up to 30% equity stake in our business for any interested individuals.

Asked on March 22, 2019

Accepted Mentors:

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