Mentorship request:
Blinkharm Auto Services is looking for business development mentoring


In our service space here in Nigeria, one of the key challenges is finding avenues to create partnership with existing automobile service providers to outsource some of our service for quicker service delivery and optimization of existing systems. We aim to create a robust digital platform to automate most of our interactions with our customers.
In addition, as an organization we are lacking human capacity management which we believe to be key in business growth.


We seek strong leadership guidance and mentoring with regards to business management, business development and marketing. We would value a mentor with experience as a business leader, managing human capacity and skills to identifying critical areas of potential growth. We hope through mentoring, we will be able to overcome issues such as fundraising and attracting investors and partners to launch into the global scene. We are open to welcoming a mentor on the advisory board.

Asked on March 18, 2020

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