Mentorship request:
An Ibadan-based, omnichannel, foodstuff and grocery business wants to scale operations across Nigeria


Our foodstuff and grocery omnichannel retail start-up based in Ibadan turns over circa 8-digit sales (not GMV) per month through small-scale operations at our first outlet in Ibadan, Oyo State. The business is ready to scale across Nigeria by conquering the logistical, operational, commercial, and people management challenges we face in the country. We would like to drive an aggressive growth strategy to roll out over 100 outlets within the next 5 years. Which cost-effective options are available? Which investors are ready to back the next WayCool ( or Meituan (


Key issues we would like to work on include: the development of a lean and easily replicable outlet configuration/model that will serve an omnichannel foodstuff distribution network; management of inbound and outbound logistics via a distributed order fulfilment plan that will guarantee 2-hour delivery across the country (even in Lagos); recruitment and retention of top quality local talent; and development of a high volume backwardly integrated procurement system that sources directly from local farmers and FMCG companies.

Asked on April 1, 2019

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