VentureReady Hacks with Juliet Wanyiri

The team that a founder starts off with is a major factor that will impact their startup’s ability to overcome inevitable shocks ahead. In this short hack, Juliet Wanyiri is back to share her views on changing team dynamics in a startup and what matters most.


Startup Setup series

Maybe you are figuring out what kind of company to set up or exploring an idea you want to develop; You may have a few doubts, dilemmas, misconceptions, and questions that you'd like to clear up for yourself before you quit your day job. Starting a business is a major decision not to be taken lightly, but it's also a great adventure. Like everything in life, the way you start is likely to have a lingering impact on everything that follows. The Startup Setup series of hacks is about helping you prepare for life as a startup founder or leader. The best advice you can get is from those who successfully traveled that same path, who are farther along in their journey, or who have spent a lot of time in the ecosystem working alongside budding entrepreneurs.

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