Mentorship request:
Agrohaven is an Agritech Startup looking for a mentor with Business Development expertise


Since the release of the first version of our product (Farm Management Solution SaaS) late last year, We have struggled with getting a market fit as we had initially targeted mid and large scale farms as our primary market. Currently we have only 2 paying customers and after careful deliberations, we had to get back to the drawing board.
We are currently working on some iterations and adjustments to the product, and so we are more confident with the new product, however, we endeavor to get it right this time around.


Sound strategy would serve us well this tie around i believe. We want to approach the market with great confidence and target prospective customers effectively. From all our platforms and contents we put out into public space to pricing models. We look forward to support around this core areas.

Asked on March 30, 2021

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