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AgriTech in Livestock Management seeks mentorship in Business Devevelopment


MyFugo plans to start product market fit phase on 15th September 2018 . The main focus thereafter will be business growth and scaling.

The foreseeable challenges are majorly on right business development model. There is need to identify the right pricing model and business strategy . As a SaaS startup , we are faced with difficulties in attaining badly needed cash flow while at the same time offering qualitative time and customer experience for users to have ample time appreciating the product. Questions such as target areas, business development team , models for arresting customer acquisition costs while at the same time gaining traction in customer numbers would be pertinent points of discussion. On revenue, we look at what is a modest revenue target for year 1 , 2 , 3? An ambitious, scalable and modest revenue strategy is desired.

In essence, scaling the product is the most important part of company growth and Myfugo would like to get this right from the start.


The kind of support needed is from an experienced person in SaaS roll out who can offer assistance in apt price modeling, using SAAS metrics to identify the right curves and direction the business should venture on.

Guidance is desired on the following:

a) Support in carrying out an effective Product-market fit exercise and be open to feedback and consequent customizations.

b) Support in Go-To-Markety strategy formulation especially for a SaaS model.

c) Advise on formulation of modest and effective pricing model cognizant of the target market and client.

d) Modest but equally ambitious revenue targets in terms of customer numbers and earnings. Strategies for early stage cost containment will be helpful.

Asked on August 23, 2018

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