Mentorship request:
Agritech blockchain startup looking for growth mentorship


Once Sync limited is a tech startup based in Nairobi, Kenya. We focus on Blockchain Technology on two verticals that’s Financial services & AgriTech. Our goal is to provide financial inclusion to the more than 66% unbanked population in Africa. Currently we’re on boarding co-operatives with an average pool of 1,500 farmers with an average annual turnover of 5 Million USD.


Talent Search: We have a problem getting the right people with the right qualifications, self-driven and the passion. Currently we’re integrating blockchain and machine learning on our product, but coming across people with the ability to perform tasks using this tech is just a major hassle.
Customer adoption: In the market we have different classes of customers, but there is a challenge when at early stage on determining the right price for our product. As a company we would love to maintain consistency but there many cases one has to be flexible.

Asked on April 1, 2019

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