Mentorship request:
Agribusiness Development Mentor – Poultry Value Chain Development


According to the Pig and Poultry Farmers Association of Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone imports about 270 million eggs and 160 Mts of poultry meat into the country annually. The current local production capacity for egg and meat production stands at about 9% and 2% respectively. JoBecks Farms is seeking to change the landscape of developing a large-scale commercial poultry business that will span the value chain of raising livestock, feed development, egg box/tray manufacturing, and poultry meat processing.


We are seeking an experienced mentor to support us in consolidating our business plans with expertise in strategic development and financial management. We would like to be mentored in developing strategies for agribusiness development, market penetration, raising funds and guiding us as we move the business into a successful venture.

Asked on July 21, 2020

Accepted Mentors:

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