Mentorship request:
Digital Solution Startup need expert in Digital Product Development


Schools in Ghana has been closed down almost close to a year now, soon to be reopen in mid January, 2021. My agency develops web apps and mobile apps to automate and accelerate business transactions and activities , i intend to develop a white labelled and custom webapp and mobile app for each schools and hospitals for free and then will collects monthly management and support fees instead. Introducing automated and paperless technology system to these institutions will help them manage all their challenges and to manage everything in centralize way, so they can focus on developing their business. Details about the project and my agency is on my website

My challenge now is putting together some extra team and also investors to pre finance the whole project before the project start yielding profits,


Seeking an experienced mentor to support our work in developing a webapp and mobile app.

Asked on December 29, 2020

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