Mentorship request:
A service startup looking for a mentor with marketing and sales experience.


We have tested some ideas for acquiring new customers in our business. We have had a lot of repeat customers and few referrals but our targets are the businesses outside Africa and we would like to find a way to target them accurately. Our revenue is not as consistent as we would like it to be and we need help in this aspect.


Having a mentor with sales and marketing experience in international markets will help us restructure our sales process and marketing funnels while addressing loopholes that we may currently have. Even though we are currently bootstrapping the company and funds might seem to be a bit of a challenge, we are certain that there are creative and less expensive ways to get our sales and marketing right to attract the kinds of customers that we desire. A mentor with vast sales and marketing experience will point us in the right direction and would help us understand the things to take into consideration for a service startup looking to breakthrough in the space. We are certain that this will accelerate our growth in a short time.

Asked on March 18, 2021

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