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1 slum 100 Computers project Mentors

The 1 Slum 100 Computers project is a self sustainable project providing free computer training and entrepreneurship mentoring to disadvantaged youths in Eastern Nairobi slums and informal settlements. At completion of this training & mentorship, each group (Leader) present their Business Plan Summary to Project and partners Leadership, mentors, and invited audience in a Public graduation conference. Each group then receive a loan package of basic equipments worth not exceeding 3200 $, respectively to their business plan. For self-sustainability, the program requires loan repayment with interests of 12-15% if paid within 6 months and 12 months respectively.

We are looking for 3 mentors with diverse general business experience inclusive of having hired/fired, managed re-organisations, familiarity with board governance sought and managed to budget, understand of diverse services such as Marketing, HR, Sales, etc.


Asked on September 3, 2014

Accepted Mentors:

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