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My professional expertise is in content acquisition, strategic sales/high-level deal negotiation, process improvement, general operations, and territorial expansion.

I'm co-founder of a volunteer organisation and social impact publisher called Book Dash, helped to launch Paperight (a project backed by the Shuttleworth Foundation), and joined Snapplify in 2014 to assist in their growth and expansion throughout South Africa, and into new markets (specifically Kenya).

I've worked at the intersection of content distribution and edutech industries to leverage digital innovations in order to make books and other digital media more accessible in emerging markets. In working with new and innovative start-ups, I have gained significant experience with social enterprises, open business models, and eCommerce.

I have a Masters of Social Science (with distinction) from the University of Cape Town. An academically trained anthropologist, I have an interest in social innovation and technology, and a passion for implementing lean processes that help rapidly growing companies thrive.  

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Tarryn-Anne Anderson