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Being a world traveler, with an engineering back ground, have enabled me to travel and live in over 30 countries. Different cultures and societies have always inspired me.

In 2016, I co-founded a travel channel to inspire my country mates to explore the world. This channel has grown to be a leading platform that ignite and teach travelers around the Arab world.

Together with my team mates, we are working on plans to expand outbound travels from MENA & inspire more people to explore the world.  

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Sameh Saleh


Engineer, Entrepreneur and Travel expert







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Why are you interested in being part of VC4Africa?

The world is changing, Startups & SMBs are becoming a more effective way to derive growth. Being born and raised in Africa, i believe there is a huge potential of economic growth driven by it’s people, and big consumer markets. I would like to be part of an organisation that can help drive that growth. Funding and proper mentor ship are key factors for any startup.

I am an engineer & entrepreneur, that is constantly looking for innovative ideas to create value for my people, with the help of VC4A, I can execute and scale up my projects.

To Offer

My areas of personal expertise include the following:

Engineering and IT, Product Development, Strategy and Planning

I can also offer the following expertise to the VC4Africa community:

Holding masters in petroleum engineering, and over 5 years experience in big oil and gas fields would enable me to advice on mega energy projects.

10 years of world travel have grown me into a travel experts that make videos to teach people on the best ways to travel cheap and safe.