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I am Adebayo J. Olusegun, the Chairman/CEO of Praiseson Logistic Nigeria Limited. PLNL is an agribusiness company that was registered and started operation in 2015. PLNL is into arbitraging in farm produce, community warehouse, farming in cashew/plantain, husbandry in goats, pigs and guinea fowls on our over 40hectare of land located in Ekiti State with immediate plan to increase it to 200 hectared. We owned an acquired Federal Government community warehouse of 2000mt capacity. We have a cluster of over 40 small holder farmers to our two registered cooperatives in Ekiti and Osun States of which we are off taker of their yam, cassava, maize etc. Our target market is Ado Ekiti, Ibadan, Lagos and international market through B2B. We have big ambition but starting it small with the acquisition of our community warehouse, 40 hectares of land and assembling the right team who can deliver long after the registration of the company  

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Adebayo J. Olusegun



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Praiseson Logistic Nigeria Limited


FCT, Abuja and Igbemo Ekiti, Ekiti State



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Why are you interested in being part of VC4Africa?

Praiseson Logistic Nigeria Limited is a start up company with ambition to make a lasting positive impression to food security in Nigeria, West Africa and beyond. We are presently at the stage of looking for equity takers, grants or loan support of which we believe VC4Africa is the ideal place for us.

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Finance, Logistics and Supply Chain

I also hope to gain the following from the VC4Africa community:

Financing our start up company through equity taker(s) of Loan Provider(s). Also intend to gain access to Mentorship