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Financial support since am admiring to assist unable kids from my community in term of basic needs I.e food, education, health including my family,currently education 5 kids 2 are orphans,2 are from needy family and my young brother in secondary schools,the kids are performing but I was not able to take them to boarding. Schools,am educated I have a diploma in agriculture and biotechnology from a recognized instruction in Kenya,yes I have a job but not well paying hence experiencing challenges when it comes to saving but if I get a half a million cash (500,000ksh)I can run a business that might boost me and eradicate poverty in the community. Not only helping my community and family but also people within my county (vihiga county).am from a family of 5 and parents were able to educate alone through loans.Education is key to light,I feel good seeing kids from village going to school trying their best to perform better and mostly their parents use me as the model in village.i thank God