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Dear all, my name is Celso Mhlope, I am an Mozambican Entrepreneur whose is passionate about business, people and Mozambique. Since kid I have been around business, mainly because of my family, I would help my aunt on weekends run her market stand.
I started my first business at 17, promoting parties in school and local neighborhoods. Having lived in Europe for 32 years ( 24 in Portugal, 8 in the UK), my goal was always to return to Mozambique and build businesses that could help the country develop, that would make people's lives better. That is why I am 110% committed to see my low cost solar home systems for the off grid population, take off. This is the project that will start to bring immediate and long term changes to low income families, will stimulate local socio-economic development, that will make people no longer be energy poor, that will see more businesses created, that will help women empower themselves and emancipate. True development needs energy , undisputed fact  

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I am hoping to find investors that are also keen on bringing positive impact to the low income Mozambicans, that are in for the long run (5-10 years). VC4Africa has helped so many entrepreneurs find partners and funding for their ventures, I am hoping I will have the same fortune and find investors that believe in our project, share the same vision and will be able to contribute in more ways than just money.