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Hi I am Deborah Aghatise, Married, education and very much interested in farming wit strong believe that things would become better if Africans and Nigerians in particular are able to sustain/feed themselves. This is my driving force, I am a poultry and Plantain farmer, which is presently in a very small scale but with a very large industrial, mechanized farm at heart. I have not really study agriculture in school but as a real Nigerian I have done farming for a long time both for profit and sustenance. Thus I have great idea on farming and how to go about it in relatively small scale, for a big scale I will definitely need some help both financially and for know how. I will go into plantain flour production and poultry for meat and eggs with time but for the now I have two acres of plantain growing and my poultry farm just for meat.
I want to be able to create employment and provide affordable food for my people and then export to the world. This is it, I hope useful, Thanks  

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I have not really head about VC4Africa before tonight, but as I search the net for info on plantain flour product, I got some useful info from here thus, I decided to know more about her. And as I said in my personal introduction I will need all the help I get for a successful farm endeavor so I decided to part of VC4Africa to enable sharpen my dream, learn one or two as time goes on and get other opportunities and also be able to be part of those who will create change rather than waiting for change to happen to them. Those who want to be Hero on their own story not victims, or villains. I am very much interested in Africa and the world, and I am a strong believer in heart minds. This is really why am here… hope I answered your questions thanks