Lefil Consulting

Innovations that create social and economic value, sustainably and at scale


Who we are

LeFil Consulting helps start-ups, corporations, donors, NGOs, governments and their constituencies reconcile the objectives of sustainable growth and inclusive, social impact.


Founded in 2010, LeFil Consulting specializes in the identification, design, growth, and replication of innovations that create social and economic value, sustainably and at scale. We work for start-ups and large corporations, donors, and NGOs, as well as governments and their constituencies. We have expertise across a broad range of sectors and geographies.

Research and advice: Crafting tailored paths to creating social impact and generating economic value

Illustrative examples:

  • Advise social entrepreneurs on developing and implementing innovative franchising strategies, so that they can grow twice as fast, at lower cost
  • Help corporations identify and invest into highly innovative social ventures globally, in ways that are embedded with their core business
  • Craft the national strategy on social innovation and launch it via investment programs for rural and urban areas
  • Analyze social businesses in any sector to help rethink the investment strategy and processes of impact investors

Collaborations: Facilitating partnerships and alliances to address social issues collectively

Illustrative examples

  • Constitute a consortium of city councils, donors, and entrepreneurs to develop providers of essential goods and services in urban slums
  • Design and support a public-private partnership to bring integrated packages of essential health and nutrition to rural school children
  • Enable groups of local organizations to incubate rural micro-entrepreneurs improving the resilience and inclusion of their communities
  • Establish a multi-business platform to invest in growing a pipeline of young professionals and enterprises they can hire out

Field surveys: Running cost-effective and fast field impact surveys via phone, tablets, and internet

Illustrative examples

  • Design and run phone or internet surveys of end consumers to understand profiles, motivations, product experience, and impact on their livelihoods
  • Design and run a cloud-based platform that aggregates, analyses, and reports on field surveys among users of dozens of social enterprises
  • Train local organizations to design, run and embed end-user surveys for stronger strategy, operations, and reporting
  • Analyze field data to help a company better reconcile objectives of viable economic growth and building resilient and inclusive societies around them

Track record

Our team members are proud to have served many clients, including corporations (e.g. Nestlé, LVMH), industry alliances, public and development players (e.g. Swiss Development Cooperation, World Bank, Government of Kazakhstan), as well as impact investors (e.g. responsAbility) and foundations (e.g. Swiss Re Foundation). Our team has also deep insights on hundreds of social businesses and social innovations worldwide, notably in the fields of housing, energy, water, sanitation, information and communication technologies, financial services, health, agriculture, mobility, nutrition and aging.


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Location Switzerland
Targets Bolivia, Colombia, Peru
Agribusiness, Clean technology and energy, Construction, Consulting and business development, Food production, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and wholesale, Tourism, Transport and logistics, Waste management and recycling