iYa Ventures

Providing North Americans with a gateway to the African consumer growth story

iYa Ventures’ (“iYa”) mission is to provide North Americans with a gateway to the African consumer growth story.

Our team comprises professionals practicing in private equity, law, and media. We formed iYa after concluding that our respective track records of supporting African entrepreneurship would better serve the Continent that we are passionate about if we combined our professional expertise into an effective investment platform: an African consumer-focused fund.

Thus, iYa Ventures was born, so that we could better leverage our most finite asset, time. In sum, we improve the fortunes of promising African ventures by providing North Americans secure access to some of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

For startups, we advise on a pro bono basis early-stage companies providing goods or services to under-served consumer groups in sub-Saharan Africa. After understanding the venture, we highlight its value proposition, craft the appropriate narrative, and assist in testing the MVP. If a promising venture fits our investment profile, we then tap into our deep professional and investor network to identify appropriate financial and strategic partnerships.

For angel investors, we identify ventures that have a circumstantial advantage (the “wide moat”) that could efficiently scale (with the effective use of technology). We also offer resources to help execute participation, no matter the bite-size, by tapping into iYa’s professional network of financial and legal entities.

LPs and prospective partners should contact us to learn more.

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Targets Africa, Northern America
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