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Con Yennyfer Pizarro Mendez


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Women Tech Latam already arrives! this time with Yennyfer Pizarro Méndez, Coordinator and Docent   of Digital Creativity of the Alberto Blest Gana College.  

Know about her impressive work and contribution in the technological, educational and future world.   She is Professor of Educational Programming, Physical Education and Dance, passionate about technologies and the Maker mentality.

Belongs to the   Management team of the Alberto Blest Gana College (Chile) that promotes the educational project for students to develop 21st Century skills, such as the emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, creative, computational and innovative thinking, technologies management, FABLAB and Programming, knowledge and utilization in management of Laser CNC Machines, Strawberry and 3D Printers.  

Course Participant Leadership in Innovation in Massachusetts Institute of Technology and belongs to Program Ambassador of MIT Professional Education’s Leadership in Innovation program.

Date: Wednesday, August 18

Schedule: 18:30 hrs.

Via: Zoom & Facebook Live


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