Google Sessions con Gastón Genai

Landing Page for Enterprises


Jul 29: 17:30 - 18:30  • 
Instituto de la Mujer & Empresa Incubator
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Latin America and the Caribbean
Marketing and PR
17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal

Create the Landing Page Ideal for your Business with Gaston Gennai, Director of Smart City at the Ministry of Modernization of the City of La Plata. President of the Association of Community Managers of La Plata. Teaching body in Potrero Digital. You will learn what a landing page is, what it serves and its functionalities. You’ll know the vital points for a landing page to power your business. The Institute for Women & Enterprise-EMI is a strategic ally of GOOGLE DEVELOPERS.

Date: Thursday, July 29

Schedule: 17:30 Hrs.

Via: Zoom and Facebook LiveGratuito

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