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Women Business Accelerator – 2023

Women Business Accelerator – 2023

Supercharging Somali Startups since 2012

Women Business Accelerator – 2023

By filling in and submitting the following form, you are applying to the Innovate Ventures Women Business Accelerator Program 2023.

Please make sure that you meet all the criteria defined below, before applying.


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Tell us what you do and why your business has potential. Be as short, concise and to the point as possible.

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Only individuals with a business in Somaliland are eligible for this program.

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Please provide the full link

Please provide the full link

Please provide the full link

Fill in your team members details, including name, age, city of residence, role in the company, education and work experience.

Please select the sector(s) your company is working in.

How are you different and better than your competition? How will you compete with existing or new competitors in your market?

How do you generate revenue?

Thank you for your interest in this program. By submitting your application you agree program staff and selection committee are able to review the information you have posted to VC4A.