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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping have been deployed by many diverse organizations throughout the public and private sectors. Many government and nonprofit organizations are using GIS to add value within the public sector. While these organizations are more open and public about disclosing their GIS activities because of the nature of the environment that they operate in, companies in the private sector are less forthcoming with information about their technology systems because of fears that their competitors may copy their technology systems, and thus the company will lose a competitive advantage that makes them better than their competitors.

This course provides hands-on skill of how companies can integrate GIS technology to improve strategic business decision making. These areas of application include Marketing, Transportation/Logistics, Real Estate, Financial Services, and Insurance.


Non-GIS Users, entrepreneurs, general managers, administrators, professionals working in the insurance industry, finance managers, bankers, program managers, project managers risk assessors, procurement officers, Planners, Database administrator, system administrator, IT expert among others.

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Location Start date End date
GIS and Remote Sensing for Sustainable Forest Monitoring and Management Course Nairobi, Kenya 16-09-2019 27-09-2019
GIS and Remote Sensing in Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems Course Nairobi, Kenya 23-09-2019 27-09-2019
GIS and Remote Sensing, Analysis, Mapping and Visualization with QGIS Course Nairobi, Kenya 07-10-2019 18-10-2019
GIS and Remote Sensing in Conservancy and Wildlife Management Course Nairobi, Kenya 21-10-2019 25-10-2019
GIS and Remote Sensing in Disaster Risk Management Course Nairobi, Kenya 28-10-2019 01-11-2019
GIS Cartography Course Nairobi, Kenya 04-11-2019 08-11-2019
ArcGIS for Desktop Level 1 course Nairobi, Kenya 18-11-2019 22-11-2019
GIS and Remote Sensing in Disaster Risk Management Course Nairobi, Kenyan 27-01-2020 31-01-2020

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