Standard Chartered Women In Tech Incubator Cohort 3

Standard Chartered Women In Tech Incubator Cohort 3

Incubation and Seed Funding For Kenya's Top Women-led Startups
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Application form

Personal Details

Please put your personal details.

Name as in National ID or Passport.

The principal founder must be a woman

Your contact phone number. Please supply a number we can easily reach you directly. Mobile number preferred.

Your contact email. Please supply an address you regularly access.

Number only. No text.

e.g. Kenyan

Company/Startup Details

Please input details about your startup or company

Tell us what you do and why your business has potential. Be as short, concise and to the point as possible.

How many founders are there in the company? Founders are the owners (majority equity/stake in the company)

Period of active operation

What is the primary market vertical that your startup operates in?

Select one or more sectors

Choose the appropriate stage of development for your startup

Funding status

Provide details of incubator or accelerator program(s) you have participated in. If none, indicate NA for not applicable in all the fields.

Problem/Solution fit to market

How does solution(s) fit into the problem? How does your solution address the needs in the market? What is/are your competitive advantages?

What problem will you solve? Who does this problem affect and why is it important to solve it?

Describe what your solution is. How does it work and what are the main features? How is your solution leveraging on technology?

Clearly describe your target customer. Who will pay you, why do they love your product/service?

Any links to web pages, video or product demo that explains how your product works. This question is not mandatory but will make it easier for the adjudicator to understand your product.

Why will customers come to you and not to your competitors? What is your unique value proposition?

Where is your market? How big is it? What is the total addressable market? What is your target and current market share? A bottoms-up market description is preferred.

Tell us how you make money? How do customers pay you? e.g. monthly subscription, direct sales, commission on sales etc...What is your pricing model? e.g cost-based, premium...etc

Describe your main costs. How do you plan to manage them as the business grows?

What is not easy to replicate about your startup, solution or team e.g. you are the only one with a patent for the solution...etc.

Where is the opportunity? What market or technology trends support this?

Will your startup have any impact in the community? Does this address any of the SDGs. If none, indicate Not Applicable (N/A)

Team dynamics

Tell us about your team

Who is in your team? Are they fellow founders? How many team members do you have in total? What role does each team member play? What skill set does your team have? What educational and career backgrounds do they have? How many years of combined team experience? Tell us about your team culture and more.

Share a link to a short video (90 seconds) that shows your capable team and what you are working on. This question is not mandatory but is a bonus. It will help the adjudicator understand your team, product and business better.


Tell us about your achievements and key highlights of your company/startup

What traction has your startup gained to date? e.g. 100 active users, USD 10,000 in sales, 1000 pre-orders, etc.

Where did you learn about us?

With description

Where did you first learn about the Standard Chartered Women in Tech Incubator Program?

Terms and Conditions

With description

By selecting the YES, you are committing to being physically available to attend the program and all the required sessions for the stipulated period. You also agree to abide to all general guidelines of the program provided to you before and during the program.

Thank you for your interest in this program. By submitting your application you agree program staff and selection committee are able to review the information you have posted to VC4A.