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‘Accredited investor’ is a term defined by various countries’ security laws that delineate investors permitted to invest in certain types of higher-risk investments, including seed money, limited partnerships, hedge funds, private placements, and angel investor networks. The term generally includes wealthy individuals and organizations such as banks, insurance companies, significant charities, some corporations, endowments, and retirement plans.

For example, in the United States, for an individual to be considered an accredited investor, he or she must have a net worth of at least one million US dollars (excluding the value of one’s primary residence), or have an income of at least $200,000 each year for the last two years (or $300,000 together with his or her spouse if married) and have the expectation to make the same amount this year.

See additional information on what it means to be accredited here.

Investors can see which ventures are fundraising and follow the progress of the ventures they find interesting. They can network with fellow members of the investor network and engage entrepreneurs with questions. Registered investors can set custom alerts and track ventures of specific stages, in specific target sectors and geographies, review the deal terms and gain exclusive access to private venture documents.

For more info about benefits for investors and the investor dashboard to explore up-and-coming ventures, see here.

The majority of ventures on VC4A are early-stage and require investments between USD $10,000 and USD $1 million.

The primary sectors include innovative technology, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, healthcare and education amongst others. Each venture is disruptive in its use of technology or in its application of a disruptive business model. Thirty percent of the registered ventures have some form of social mission and could be qualified as a social enterprise.

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