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Can I send bulk messages to all applicants?

Yes and no.

Yes – You can send bulk messages to notify candidates who didn’t make it. This functionality is available in the “Rejected” tab. To use this, move all applications that shall receive this update to “Rejected” and click on the email icon to set up the mailer. Make sure to use the available merge tags to personalize the mailer.* Save the mailer and select all applications that shall receive this. Each recipient can only receive one mail from this interface.

Yes – each applicant who either clicks on “save & continue later” or finishes his/her application and submits, receives an automated mailer to tell them the inputs have been saved/confirm their submission.

No – All other applications (outside of “Rejected”) can only be messaged via individual PM’s through the system. If you want to message all “in progress” candidates, for example, we recommend exporting those and using other bulk messaging tools such as Mailmerge. Reminder emails as such are part of the promotional services we offer.

*They didn’t make it in your final selection? Yet, great if you can show that you appreciate their interest and effort of applying. Can you recommend other opportunities or resources to them that might be of value, such as the VC4A Startup Academy or the mentorship marketplace?

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