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Pitch AgriHack 2022

Pitch AgriHack 2022

Disruptive innovations wanted at Pitch AgriHack 2022!

Pitch AgriHack 2022

Please note:
– This application form is for the first 3 categories of the Pitch AgriHack 2022 competition, and not for the AYuTe as this is an invite-only category where winners will be adjudicated and contacted directly by Heifer International.

– You will be asked to agree with the Pitch AgriHack 2022 Competition Terms & Conditions before submitting the form. Please make sure you have read and understood these.

Getting started

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You can select up to 5 countries

To qualify for the growth stage category you must be able to demonstrate a minimum of 3 years of working with smallholder farmers

If you are applying as a woman-owned company, one of the co-founders mentioned below must be a woman. This co-founder will be invited to attend the final.

Please provide the first name(s) and surname

Including international country code

Please provide the first name(s) and surname

Including international country code

You can select up to 3 segments

What would you say to an investor if you were presenting them your idea? Pitch us your idea, describing how it will achieve economic or social change. What makes your platform/services unique and which can help you effectively serve your clients and beat the competition? Your presentation must capture why the investor would want to fund your idea.

What challenge are you solving and why?

Describe your ICT platform and its technical features you - What are the top features of your solution? How does it work technically? How do you make sure the solution resonates with the customer’s problem and conditions?

What specific customer segments are affected? What is the addressable market size?

What is your path to the customers. What channels are you using to reach the customer segments?

What are the different sources of revenues delivering the sevices (actual or planned)? What are your different ways to deliver the services and generate revenues?

What has the business achieved so far? Number of customers? Revenues? Awards? Profits? Partnerships?

Do you have a team? If yes, what does each person contribute to the business? (show each team member’s skills & experience)

What does your roadmap for growth look like in the next 12 months and what are your growth projections? This could be in terms of planned revenue, number of users reached, profit margin. You may include other performance indicators such as: ROI, conversion or churn rates, etc. You can refer to activities such as: Customer acquisition, Key partnerships & Investments etc.

Link only, no other comment

Prepare a pdf document, with some screen shots of your technological application (if you have not included a link to your platform above) + any additional information you may want to share. Share the document with us via a Google Drive link. Insert only the link in this field. Make sure the link can be opened without the need to require your permission (only organisers and judges will have access to this link). If you have provided a link to your platform, or if you don't have additional information to share, disregard this question.

Find the Terms & Conditions at the start of the form, as well as on the Pitch AgriHack 2021 page >>

Thank you for your interest in Pitch AgriHack 2022. By submitting your application, you agree that your information can be reviewed by program staff and the selection committee.