Social innovation certificate

Generates business models with social impact

About the program

Generates business models with social impact, transforms a problem into: social initiative or entrepreneurship and stops making short-impact projects. The Social Innovation Certificate will let you generate business models with social impact that sustains our social impact on societies.

Who is it for?

Addressing companies or social organizations, activists, entrepreneurs, students, and academics.

Benefits of the certificate:

  • Digital Certificate with Validity to S. T. P. S Record No. NHAC-832217NP6-0013.
  • Academic Validity at the Technology University of the Poniente.
  • Generating new models of income with social impact.
  • Developing skills in social innovation and creativity.
  • Facilitating teams through the community.
  • Forming part of our community of social innovators to exchange ideas, case studies and knowledge.
  • Apply to be a promoter of Haz La Lucha in your institution, city, state or country
  • Use for 1 year the logo of the Haz La Lucha logo initiative * *
  • Custom will only accept 9 projects.
  • ** The use of the logo is optional. In case of not meeting the requirements you can withdraw the license from the use of the logo.

You will get access to

  • Access to the Facebook platform where the program takes place.
  • 2 certified trainers with experience collaborating with national and international organizations.
  • Option development of a group project (we add you to one) or individually.
  • 19 Tools and models to apply to your project.
  • Educational material in digital format.
  • 12 live zoom sessions each of 90 min for 3 months.
  • Private group of students and graduates of the certificate to generate community and connect among peers of all generations.
  • *Includes a diagnostic pre-session.
  • *Includes a final project consulting session.
  • Digital certificate with serial number.

Content of the training

Training (40% Theoretical 60% Practical) + Live Online Mode

  • Choose the big problem/need.
  • Wake up your creativity.
  • Map the topic.
  • Select your ODS.
  • Find your protagonist.
  • Understand your protagonist.
  • Identifies the key current alternative.
  • Identify the errors in the system.
  • It brings up the innovation.
  • It generates a new alternative.
  • Else your initiative.
  • Develop strategic collaboration.
  • impact.
  • Create community and inspire others.
  • Collective Fondon.
  • Spend your idea.

The program training is conducted online through live sessions.


  • Sessions every Tuesday from 7:30 pm to 9 pm GMT-5 live and interactive.
  • 12 1 hour and half c/u sessions

Certificate cost

  • After 3 July $10,999 MX* approx. $550.


August 12, 2022
Program dates Aug 15 - Oct 31, 2022
Organizer Haz la lucha
Website Visit website
Targets Americas
Sectors Sector agnostic