We have partnered with the UK’s Department for International Development and Netherlands Embassy to support the Kenya Markets Trust to take forward sector programmes in the country, including in the dairy, water, agricultural inputs, seed and livestock sectors.

Kenya Markets Trust (KMT – formerly Kenya Gatsby Trust) was founded in 1993 as one of four independent country trusts set-up by Gatsby across Africa to support local economic development. The trust originally concentrated on providing finance and business development services to small and medium-sized enterprises, but its focus and approach has gradually evolved towards sector development.

As part of this transformation, KMT has sold its factoring finance programme (Biashara Factors Ltd); strengthened its board and staff; raised substantial funding; and has developed an ambitious portfolio of sector development programmes.

KMT has also built a long-term relationship with Adam Smith International, which has embedded a team within KMT, tasked with helping the immediate delivery of programmes while building KMT’s long-term institutional capacity to implement.

In addition to ongoing support from Gatsby, KMT is presently funded by the UK’s Department for International Development and the Dutch Embassy in Kenya.


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Location Nairobi, Kenya
Targets Kenya
Sectors Agribusiness