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Venture capital fund in New York City investing in next generation technology

As the world shrinks through unprecedented connectivity, opportunities to build impactful companies will grow exponentially.

WE IMAGINE… a world where current constraints and borders disappear through technology enabled connectivity. Where all 7 billion people in the world have equal access to information and services, so that all human potential can be unleashed to create a better world.

WE BELIEVE… that decentralization ensuing from the combination of people and machines, and peer-to-peer connectivity, will lead to an enhanced experience for all of humanity. The 21st century will see solutions to our greatest challenges, and life-enhancing innovations that we can’t even imagine today.

WE KNOW… that the best innovations will come from the most diverse teams, and we are funding exceptional entrepreneurs with global ambitions that share our vision and values.



We partner with entrepreneurs who share our core values and passion to create a better world. We invest early, working closely with founding teams and our network to help build the next generation of impactful technology companies.  Here are the stories of some of our entrepreneurs.

We are investing in companies building technology that will be game-changing, ubiquitous and indispensable.  Our team has a strong track record of identifying and building next generation companies globally.  Below are themes that we are most interested in as we look at the next 10 years.


The PC increased productivity, the Internet democratized access to information, and now emerging decentralized infrastructure is enabling frictionless and trusted transactions across borders – between people, machines and enterprises.  Within the next 10 years, we will see new business models created that will take advantage of these new networks and from the data created by this connectivity. The blockchain will enable much of this disruption.


Mobile traffic is estimated to create 77 Exabytes of data per month by 2022, equivalent to 21 trillion short video clips. The intelligent and automated analysis and filtering of this data across industry verticals will enable better and more personalized decision making for businesses, groups and individuals. Machine learning, methods by which machines learn from data patterns to predict behavior, is emerging as an important technology for as more data is being created.


Many companies in the analog era built their business models on advertising. We are shifting to transaction based models as decentralization takes hold. Our founder was an early investor in Yodlee, which was a pioneer in the financial API space in 1999, and FPV is at the forefront of investing in companies that are enabling individuals and enterprises to monetize their assets – whether physical or digital – in innovative ways.


Marketplaces have existed since ancient times for the trade of goods and services. Today, technology platforms are allowing direct connectivity and better information exchange between buyers and sellers, enabling small businesses access to a global market. These peer to peer transactions will power the global economy, and together with new transaction mechanisms, will ultimately transform supply chains and create more efficiency for individuals as well as businesses.


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