Fundare Santa Cruz



  • Program: “Ecoschools”

It is a program aimed at school children and is composed of games, puppets, educational videos in the area of environment and management of recyclable waste, with the aim of getting children out with an initiative to respect the environment.

  • Service: Implementation of Recyclable Solid Waste Management Systems

Fundare Santa Cruz, develops the implementation of a Recyclable Waste Management System, in the framework of the Law National N ° 755 GIRS,   in partner companies and other companies that require it, in order to optimize the management of recyclable waste by promoting an environmental policy and social responsibility in companies.

  • Support and strengthening of the lowest link in the recycling chain Los Gatherers

Support for the Santa Cruz Collectors Network, made up of people living in extreme poverty, most are mothers of families and the elderly, who are dedicated to collecting the recyclable waste of companies with which Fundare works and implements waste management, these companies separate recyclable material and donate it to collectors, who live in this activity.

  • Training Workshops

Fundare constantly organizes training workshops on environmental management, waste management and related regulations.

  • Conferences and Forums on Environmental Management and Waste Management Issues

Organizes general interest conferences with high-level exhibitors and experience, on environmental issues such as Clean Production, Environmental Management Cost-Effective and Success Experiences in Green Emprencies   at the National and International level.

  • “BUSINESS WHEEL-INN RECYCLE; Environmental Management, Waste Management and Recycling”

This important event uses the same mechanism of the International Business Wheel of CAINCO, is performed once a year for 9 consecutive years, regularly in the month of July or August.

Objectives of the event

  • Incentives business relationships between generator, collector, marketer and recycling industry, service companies, entities
  • Creating business opportunities in the field of environmental management, eco-efficiency, products, services, and environmental management technologies.
  • Articulate and strengthen the chain of recycling and environmental innovation in different areas: soil, air, water, environmental education, technology and sustainable development

Directed to:

  • Waste generators.
  • Services in management
  •   Recycling industry.
  •   Machinery for recycling, eco-efficiency, water treatment and sludge.
  • Suppliers of inputs and/or environmental services.
  • Municipalities, industry, commerce and services in general.
  • Investors and entrepreneurs.

Electrical and Electronic Waste Management-WEEE

Project developed by Fundare Santa Cruz with the support of CAINCO, to perform the Management                 Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment of the category ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), endorsed by EMACRUZ and the Government of Santa Cruz, who recognize Fundare Santa Cruz through the RAEE-FUNFARE ENVIRONMENTAL CENTER,   as an authorized operator for this work, through an interagency agreement.


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Location Bolivia
Targets Bolivia
Sectors Environmental services, Renewable energy
SDG (5)
12. Responsible Consumption and Production, 13. Climate Action, 17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal, 7. Affordable and Clean Energy, 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure