6° Premios Fundación MAPFRE a la Innovación Social

We extend our scope of action to go further

About Competition

Vision of the future, commitment, collaboration and a shared goal

The well-being of the people we live in this world are some of the tools that social innovation actors use to help meet the needs and social demands of citizens in a different, participatory and cooperative way.

After five editions, our MAPFRE Foundation Awards for Social Innovation, which we call with the collaboration of EI in its academic partner quality, have been consolidated as one of the inescapable quotes for social innovators.

For that, in order to go further, in this sixth edition we extend our scope of action and, in addition to the participation of projects from three major regions: Brazil, rest of Latin America and Europe, We incorporate a new geographical area: United States, a country in whose society interesting initiatives to solve problems that need innovative solutions emerge.


In this sixth edition we promote innovative projects with great social impact potential in the following categories:

  • Sustainable Mobility.
  • Senior Economy.
  • Improving health and digital technology (e-Health).

Process and benefits:

Once the period for submission of applications is complete, next 17 November 2022, the process of assessing all projects received will begin, out of the 12 finalists (3 finalists by category and region) who will participate in the Grand Final.

The finalists will receive, from EI University’s hand, the free character support of a coach specializing in presentation skills, expert in public relations and communication, and growing social innovation projects.

The three winning projects (one for each category) will receive 40,000 € in cash to boost their project and will participate in a process of free consulting by the EY Foundation (FEY), a contributing entity of the MAPFRE Foundation at this sixth edition of the awards.

In addition, the entire community of social innovators participating in our awards will participate in the exchange of knowledge and expert support, so that social impact projects can continue to thrive around the world, with:

    • Free Professional Consulting in relation to business aspects of their respective projects.
    • Forming part of the Innova Mapfre Network, which offers its members the ability to empower their personal projects and skills through training, communication and support.
    • Participating in exclusive events, activities, knowledge exchange initiatives and interactive masterclasses taught by experts.

    More information here or on the Mapfrepage.

    6° Premios Fundación MAPFRE a la Innovación Social

    6° Premios Fundación MAPFRE a la Innovación Social


November 17, 2022
Organizer Fundación MAPFRE
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Targets Latin America and the Caribbean, Spain
Sectors Sector agnostic