Foundation for production

Our Vision

Being a serious entity in the social and economic development of the country, supporting the growth and solidity of the productive base of the national economy.

Our Mission

To promote the country’s development and the consequent improvement of the levels of well-being and quality of life of Bolivian society, mainly through the support, drive and strengthening of the productive sector of the economy.



The Foundation seeks to contribute to Bolivia through three areas of action: i) support to the development of enterprises in key economic sectors, ii) development of institutions and enterprises that are already operating and in the process of growth, to generate positive social impact and iii) to work with sectors and institutions mature of the economy that allows to diversify the risk and institutional sustainability.

In the framework of the analysis carried out, it is warned that there is a potential to continue generating impact through the institutions that serve the microfinance in its work of financial inclusion.

For this reason and guided by its objective and purpose FUNDA-PRO has launched a new program INCLUSION.PRO that is born with the objective of “Giving support of services of business and economic development, to institutions that strengthen the microenterprise, to achieve impact, to a level of reasonable risk and return that contributes to the sustainability of the Foundation”


This program is supported by the economic support to companies, organizations and funds that are already operating, with the clear intention to generate positive social and environmental impacts, to the pair of

a first instance, pending the maturation of the sectors and companies served in the program, CRECIMIENTO.PRO will be able to make supports in sectors not selected, but which comply with the Impact Investment approach and contribute to the productive transformation. As more demand is generated from the actors in the sectors prioritized by the Foundation this program will be able to specialize in the attention to them.

The objective of this program is expressed as: Give support of business and economic development services to enterprises that are operating and in the process of growth, to achieve positive social or environmental impact and profitability, through institutions and mechanisms that operate in the market.

This program constitutes the foundation of the object of the Foundation, established in its Statutes, for its potential to contribute to the construction of a new pattern of integral and diversified development.

The objective of this program can be expressed as: to provide support for business, economic and ecosystem development services, related to information and communication technologies (ICT) that can trigger their entrepreneurial potential, through mechanisms and institutions that operate in this economic sector.

This program aims to develop the technology sector, contributing to the organization and strengthening of
Support for these activities will be conducted in a coordinated manner with other stakeholders in the ecosystem and the leverage of FUNDA-PRO actions is expected to be high, depending on the actions and investments made by the partners.


The program seeks to balance the risks that are generated in the actions of the programs of the development of the programs.


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Location Bolivia
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