Data Analysis using STATA, SPSS NVIVO & R Training

SPSS, STATA, Data Analysis

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The training is essential in the development of better understanding of the concepts of statistics. It will provide the participants with a general idea of computer assisted data analysis. Additionally, the training will also focus on developing skills that are crucial to the transformation of data using SPSS, STATA NVIVO and R.

Course Objective:·         

  • Performing operations with data: define variables, recode variables, create dummy variables, select and weight cases, split files·         
  • Building charts in SPSS: column charts, line charts, scatterplot charts, boxplot diagrams·         
  • Performing the basic data analysis procedures: Frequencies, Descriptives, Explore, Means, Crosstabs·         
  • Analyze t data by applying appropriate statistical techniques
  • Interpret the  statistical analysis·        
  • Transform variables·         
  • Performing the main one-sample analyses: one-sample t test, binomial test, chi square for goodness of fit·         
  • Workflow use commands
  • Manage, edit and structure large databases


5 days

Who should attend?

The course targets project staff, researchers, managers, decision makers, and development practitioners who are responsible for projects and programs in an organization.

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  2. Quantitative Data Management and Analysis with STATA Course
  3. Quantitative Data Management and Analysis with R Course
  4. Qualitative Data Management and Analysis with NVIVO Course


June 10 - 9:00 AM - June 28, 2019 - 4:00 PM  • 
Foscore Development Center FDC-K Education
Meridian Hotel, Nairobi Kenya
Transnational Plaza, Mama Ngina Street 5th Floor, Nairobi Kenya
Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda
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