Fogones y Banderas

Through gastronomy we transform social realities.

About Us

The Fogones and Bandera Foundation works to promote the identification, recognition and empowerment of Venezuelan through gastronomy, the   generation of local educational and socio-productive opportunities.

It was created in 2015 by the Venezuelan chef Sumito Estevez and his wife Sylvia Sacchettoni as a contribution to the creation of value of Venezuelan cuisine.  

Our daily life has been permeated by the Venezuelan context of recent years and we have addressed our action towards the common good in vulnerable areas, from the gastronomic fact as a methodological strategy of approach and as a tool to improve food and livelihood.

We believe in the kitchen as an office, in the need to work for the community of which we are a part, in documenting the process and socializing all the culinary information that is useful, we believe in the need to diminish our footprint on the earth and to be supportive to those who need it most. We also believe in the power of the community to find solutions to their problems and in the alliance between different institutions to accompany them.

Lines of action

  • Revaluation of Venezuelan gastronomy
  • Generation of mechanisms of access to training of trades linked to gastronomy
  • Stimulus of sustainable gastronomic ventures

Fogones y Banderas

Fogones y Banderas


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