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FLEXStart 2018

FLEXStart is an enterprise development service that is imprinted to EES (PTY) LTD whereby we assist previously disadvantaged entrepreneurs with their ideas and start-ups (as well as informal businesses) for them to reach their goals.

Most financial institutions focus on corporations that could strive without their support and overlook the barbershop owner who has a vision to expand their venture as well as people whose ideas are still on paper and in need of assistance to launch their plans. That is basically what we want to challenge and walk-the-talk in terms of expanding the so-called townships economy as that is where the people we aim to assist operate their ventures. 

About Us

In 2012 we started a capital-raising venture by the name of Reborn Consulting where we connected entrepreneurs with investors and also assisted them with concrete business plans and proposals to access funding through the state funding entities as well as private and angel funding.

Our research over the years showed that there are many enterprises (township businesses, informal and unregistered ventures) and people who are sitting with ideas that could positively impact our economy do not qualify to be assisted by corporations such as ours and others who are doing the same thing as Reborn.

In 2016 we decided to shift our focus and target these people. Since then we have mentored over 200 entrepreneurs who are operating all over the country. We have also secured about R6 million in bank loans alone where we sign our company as surety for the loans.

We assist businesses with implementation plans, angel and private funding from investors we have built relationships with over the years and offer full-time mentorship to ensure entrepreneurs implement their plans accurately to reach their desired goals.

FLEXStart in details

We are looking to assist the following entrepreneurs –

1. Aspiring entrepreneurs with ideas to launch their services

2. Start-ups and businesses who are at the early stages of operation

3. Entrepreneurs who have been rejected for funding

4. Part-time and informal businesses with plans to formalize and expand their ventures

5. Entrepreneurs who are looking for mentorship services

6. Those who are looking to buy existing businesses or franchises. 

The services we offer –

Business planning and implementation strategies

Funding resources (in-house loans, bank loans and public/private and angel funding)

Marketing and networking platforms.

 Mentorship services

How we do it

After an entrepreneur has concluded to sign up for our service, we arrange a personal consultation with them where we will discuss their goals and steps to be taken for them to reach those goals. We then draw up a time plan and assign a mentor to work with the applicant and the work begins. 

We will also arrange meet-up sessions where we revisit our time plan to ensure we are still on track and make necessary changes should there be a need.

Advantages of FLEXStart

We help entrepreneurs reach their desired goals and access mandatory resources to do so while they are working on their businesses. There are no classes to attend and theories to be taught, everything is as practical as it gets.

We cater for businesses that are run by underprivileged and previously disadvantaged individuals to drive the township economy that would in-turn create sustainable businesses that will open employment opportunities for other people.

We are head quartered in Cape Town but we travel around the country to meet and keep-up with our entrepreneurs. We utilize satellite offices through our partners and the state institutions to arrange personal contacts so that we leave no stone unturned when assisting businesses to reach their goals.

We also have our in-house funding resources where we loan businesses up to R150000 towards their ventures and R50000 in grants (money that is not re payed by the applicants). Qualifying businesses can access the money in 7 working days after our first consultation.

Apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/DGd2jqbQC1sUYzR42

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