Africa Eats

A pan-African holding company feeding Africa


Dec 31, 2099
Jul 10, 2020 - Dec 31, 2099
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Agribusiness, Food and beverage, Food production

Africa Eats is a holding company with a diverse set of African food/ag companies supporting hundreds of thousands of smallholder farmers, feeding millions of Africans. An agile holding company that can efficiently put capital to work to keep the food supply running.

Africa Eats owns a minority stake in its subsidiaries, similar to a venture capital fund.  All these subsidiaries attended one of the Fledge startup accelerators somewhere in the world.

The portfolio of companies earned over $7 million in aggregate revenues in 2019, up from $4.7 million in 2018, with 50% compounded annual growth since 2014.  The expectations are to continue growing at that rate throughout the 2020s, with IPOs along the way to provide liquidity to our investors and to raise additional growth capital to power that growth.    

Africa Eats

Africa Eats



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