Saucecode 2019

Open sauce

Saucecode is a project aimed at discovering and celebrating the finest tech talents in Africa starting with Nigeria. it was conceived to challenge the talents in our ecosystem, encourage programming best practise, promote collaboration, make new role models out of the very best and put Nigeria on the map again.

We are hoping to stir the intellectual fabric of the Nigerian tech ecosystem by promoting competence and excellence. The Saucecode project is about inspiring our continent to groom the number of technical minds required to build our future.

Saucecode is a product of Findworka, a freelance hiring platform that builds and deploys great technlogy for organisations without the need to extend your payroll.


June 29
April 25, 2019: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
FindworkaCompetition Organizer
2, Connal road, Yaba
Information technology, Machine learning, Virtual reality