BEEA Invest 2019

Investing in the next generation of Unicorns

BEEA invest 2019 is an opportunity for startups and companies to gain access to, engage and unlock investment deals from some of the world’s most renowned investors and philanthropist including some of Silicon Valley’s top  investors.

Through this program, startups and companies will gain access to investment capital; which is the primary purpose
of this business visit, mentorship opportunities, unlock strategic partnerships through B2B meetings, gain visibility for their brand on the US market where the show is streamed to a highly targeted segment of the population and have the possibility of moving their brands from national to global brands, and from companies to the next unicorns.

The TV show and summit will hold in California in June 2019 hosted by The Great Disruptors and attended by more

than 30 top notch selected investors flying in for the same event from   Canada, Europe, Dubai to meet those in the USA all with ready investment capital looking to seal deals from medium to large ticket sizes of millions of dollars.
This means the show also provides an opportunity for the startups and companies to WIN away the deals from investors.

Jointly organized by Evolve Media Holdings and The Great Disruptors ahead of the BEEA 2019 summit scheduled to
take place in Cameroon from the 12th to the 14th of June, this is part of their strive to give more visibility to African startups and companies on the international scene while at the same time resolving the key problem of access
to capital.

For the three days, the companies will be fully immersed in the most innovative environment on planet earth; the Silicon Valley and receive the hottest overview of trending companies. Our attendees include investors, CEOs, board
members, C-level executives, Heads of strategy, business unit leaders, other senior level corporate executives, entrepreneurs, etc


February 5, 2019
Program dates Mar 23 - Mar 25, 2019
Organizer Evolve Media Holding and The Great Disruptors
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