Escuela de la Producción y la Competitividad

The School of Production and Competitiveness (ePC) of the Bolivian Catholic University “San Pablo” is the highest academic level program in Bolivia, which with its programs of Master for Development has formed more than 1,342 leaders who contribute their knowledge to the development of the country. Beginning in 2008, it takes a significant and innovative step in creating the Licences for Development that responds to the need for a new generation of professionals representing the Productive Revolution of Bolivia.

In 2012, the ePC starts a joint project with the Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz, which includes the participation of SOS Children’s Villages, Alalay and the Rainbow Foundation: the Technical University of Management and Entrepreneurship and its main objective is to form people with skills and technical skills to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and attitude. 

As part of its pillars, the ePC has an Institute for Development of Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness (iDEC) and the Accelerator of Companies that aim to contribute in the economic development of Bolivia, providing training programs in the fields of Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness in addition to encouraging the development of new companies in their first stage of business life.


The School of Production and Competitiveness of the UCB seeks to be the program of the highest academic level in Bolivia, in the areas of entrepreneurship, business development and international business. We also seek to achieve a solid insertion in Bolivian society through the recognition of our contributions, both to the public and private sectors in the formation of entrepreneurs, producers, professionals, and highly qualified managers and with enormous social responsibility.


We are the best School of Production and Competitiveness in the country. We offer quality education and a space for the integral development of all its members in a climate of healthy competition and teamwork.

We form entrepreneurs, producers, managers, decision-makers with knowledge, skills and skills to become agents of change that support the process of economic and social modernization and the strengthening of democracy.

distinguished by the vocation of service, social responsibility, the transmission of sound ethical principles, the pursuit of equity, respect for diversity and commitment to excellence, in the framework of the principles of the Catholic Church.


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Location Bolivia
Targets Bolivia
Sectors Educational services
SDG (3)
17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal, 4. Quality Education, 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth