Youth Entrepreneurs Program

Nurturing a generation of growth-oriented young business people


Aug 31
Sep 5, 2018 - Mar 15, 2019
Empowered Life TrustFoundation / Non-profit
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Agribusiness, Business services, Consulting and business development, Diversified services, Information technology

Youth Entrepreneurs Program is a practical and results-based initiative to produce growth-oriented (not survivalist) profitable businesses that are run professionally by youth from all 10 Provinces in Zimbabwe. YEP is nurturing a new generation of growth oriented business persons. Many young Zimbabweans graduating from universities, colleges and high schools have no option but to become entrepreneurs due to lack of employment. The program seeks to improve Zimbabwe youths including those who are in the rural areas through offering business opportunities which will in turn create employment opportunities. 

YEP is in-line with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe`s 2016-2020 National Financial Inclusion Strategy as part of efforts to foster economic and social development by increasing fiscal space for previously marginalized key players such as smallholder farmers, women, youth, micro-small to medium scale enterprises in the formal banking system