Djondo Fellowship


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Accra, Ghana
Agribusiness, Business services, Clean technology and energy, Utilities, Construction and manufacturing, Creative, media and entertainment, Education, Financial services, Healthcare, ICT, Leisure and travel, Retail and wholesale, Consumer durables, Consumer non-durables, Transport and logistics, Water, sanitation and hygiene, Automotive, Clothing and textiles production, Computer hardware, Electronics, Food production, Furniture

“Welcome to the Djondo Fellowship. If you believe in a united Africa; a world where companies grow organically across borders, and where becoming a multinational is more than a dream to business owners, you’ve come to the right place.This program has pan-Africanism at its beating heart. It will help the seedling of a business in your back yard grow to a giant tree with branches expanding into countless neighbouring countries. Together, the business leaders who have proven their ability to cross borders will work with you to make your company one of Africa’s next success stories.A truly integrated Africa is coming, and I am proud to play this part in its creation.”