Investment management

Investment Advisory

We enter into partnership agreements with family offices, corporates and institutional investors to source, execute and monitor direct investments on a deal-by-deal basis.

Investment strategy consulting. We help define or refine investment strategies for Sub-Saharan Africa based on our in-depth understanding of the key secular trends and recent market developments on the continent.

Deal sourcing. We leverage our extensive network across the continent to identify and access proprietary investment opportunities attractive to our clients.

Due diligence. We design and conduct robust financial, commercial and legal due diligence, from identifying the best third-party advisers to making sure our clients have a clear understanding of both upside potential and downside risks associated with the investment.

Principal Investments

In addition to providing buy-side investment advisory services, we seek to make long term strategic investments in companies with :

  • Experienced and trustworthy entrepreneurs or management teams we can partner with.
  • A scalable business model.
  • A clear and differentiated value proposition.
  • A defensible market position.

We look for significant minority or majority stakes – including alongside like-minded shareholders.

We take a long term view with no predetermined investment horizon and the ability to support our portfolio companies over multiple financing rounds.

We also focus on opportunities that are often overlooked by traditional investors in our markets such as platform/roll-out deals, international franchises/JVs, special situations.

We focus on deals in markets that we know well and monitor closely through regular on-the-ground presence.

  • Economic Community Of West African States  (ECOWAS)
  • West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA)
  • East African Community (EAC)

We focus on deals in sectors where we have a direct area of expertise or benefit from a specific angle.

Investment Philosophy On Sectors

  • Non-cyclical sectors with high structural growth.

Sectors with (i) low capital intensity translating into relatively high return on invested capital or (ii) contractual, recurring revenues providing high visibility on cash flows.

  • Sectors with minimal government intervention or sound regulatory framework.

Consumer: Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Home & Personal Care, Retail

Financial Services: Asset Management, Payment Services, Insurance Brokerage, Fintech

Real Assets: Telecom Towers, Data Centers, Commercial Real Estate, Solar Energy Farms


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Location Geneva, Switzerland
Targets Sub-Saharan Africa
Sectors Sector agnostic