Set Business Goals and Learn how to Achieve them at this Masterclass

This masterclass is for small business owners. Research shows that only 13% of a high school grad class had set clear goals and, only 3 out of the 13 actually wrote down their goals. Ten years down the line, it was discovered that the 10% who set goals, but didn’t write them down achieved twice as much more than the ones who didn’t, but the ones who really raised the bar were the ones who wrote down their goals. They were earning 10 times more than the remaining 97% of their classmates, 10 years down the road. This research was carried out by Harvard Business School and referenced in Brian Tracy’s book, Goals. 

At the masterclass, we will be rubbing minds on how to set clear business goals and objectives, we will set the goals, we will also map out the plan for achieving them, with timelines and charts. The effect of this masterclass on your business is increased productivity and profitability. Your trial and error days are over. It is time to actually make millions in your desired currency, by working smart in addition to working hard. If you will love to attend this class, send me a mail at 

Physical class holds at Agungi, Lekki, Lagos. 

You can also attend virtually if you are not withing this geographical location. 

Coach B.

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Aug 11, 2018: 10:00 - 12:00
Organizer Coach B Clarity School
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Location Agungi, Lekki
Targets Nigeria
Sectors Consulting and business development