CADEPIA Santa Cruz

Department of Small Industry and Crafts Chamber

The Department of Small Industry and Crafts of Santa Cruz <<CADEPIA Santa Cruz>>, is an “organization of entrepreneurs”, a person of private law, not for profit, formed to represent the SME business sector, promoting the development, competitiveness, protection and defense of our sector contributing to the economic and social development of the Plurinational State, with its registered office in the Av. Germany, Calle Motacu 2470.

CADEPIA Santa Cruz, is the maximum institution of representation of Micro, Small and Mediana Industry and currently has more than 3000 associates from the fields of Orferes, Food, Timber, Garments, Crafts, Tiles and Ladrillos, Cueros, Chemicals and Non-metallic, Metalmechanics, as well as Associations of Small Industry and Crafts ADEPI’s of the peri-urban area   and Provinces such as Montero, Camiri, El Torno, Yapacani, and Guarayos of the Department of Santa Cruz.

At CADEPIA Santa Cruz, we offer the articulation to High Value Added Business Development Services showing professionalism, transparency and participatory leadership,   in their  more than two decades of institutional life, where over this time we are also the benchmark   of support for the MyPEs and PyMEs Cruccenas, which implies that we know very well the problems of the sector. In this sense, CADEPIA Santa Cruz has implemented projects that we consider could be of positive impact for our partners and entrepreneurs of small industry and crafts in general.

CADEPIA Santa Cruz, currently has designed the AFINAN Service, the same one that is constituted in the operational axis of benefits for the partners, providing Training, Technical Assistance, Support in the Business and Search of Market, in addition to Access to the Financing by the granting of credits.

At CADEPIA Santa Cruz we provide permanent support to the entrepreneur, which is why we are the benchmark for formalization and generation of opportunities.


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Location Bolivia
Targets Bolivia
Sectors Sector agnostic
SDG (3)
17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal, 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth, 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure