Four steps to a perfect profile page

Joining VC4Africa is easy and only takes a few minutes. Here are four steps to creating a perfect profile page. The team reviews each application before they are approved, so following these guidelines will ensure that your member application is approved quickly.

1) Share your background: Tell us who you are, what country/city you are based in, the business you are engaged in and what you are looking for. It is important to fill out your profile page so other members in the community can find you and decide whether or not they can help you in some way.

2) Post a clear photo: People want to see who they are talking to. If you upload a picture of a flower or an animal what kind of message are you sending to the rest of the community? We ask every member of VC4Africa to post a clear picture of themselves. This is also because we want to keep things personal.

3) Publish your full name: If you are not willing to tell us who you are you should not be part of this community.

4) Add social Links: Help fellow VC4A’ers find our more about you. Link your profile to your external accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Doing this helps to connect people, start conversations and build your network.

The progress bar in the upper right is a helpful indicator for how far you are to completing your profile. We don’t require 100% completeness before your account is approved, but it helps!

VC4Africa member Seth Akumani's profile.