Standard Chartered Women in Tech

Standard Chartered Women in Tech

We are seeking to recruit the best entrepreneurial minds of women-led start

Standard Chartered Women in Tech (2022)

Standard Chartered Bank Zambia launched the SC Women in Tech (WiT) incubator programme in partnership with BongoHive. The entrepreneurship programme will support Zambian female-led tech enterprises and female business owners who would like to leverage technology to grow their businesses.

The WiT programme is part of the bank’s new ‘Futuremakers’ programme, which aims to help communities to learn, earn and grow – under the ‘Entrepreneurship’ pillar. It is also aligned with BongoHive’s commitment to building a sustainable startup ecosystem through its entrepreneurship programmes.

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What is not easy to replicate about your startup, solution or team e.g. you are the only one with a patent for the solution...etc.

Where is the opportunity? What market or technology trends support this?

Will your startup have any impact in the community? Does this address any of the SDGs. If none, indicate Not Applicable (N/A).

Who is in your team? Are they fellow founders? Who owns what shares i.e. equity - cap? How many team members do you have in total? What role does each team member play? What skill set does your team have? What educational and career backgrounds, team's skill set do they have? How many years of combined team experience? Tell us about your team culture and more.

Share a link to a short video (90 seconds maximum) that shows your capable team and what you are working on. This question is not mandatory but is a bonus. It will help the adjudicator understand your team, product and business better.

Be specific to your collective needs as a team i.e. team dynamics, organization culture etc.

Tell us about your achievements and key highlights of your company/startup

What traction has your startup gained to date? e.g. 100 active users, USD 10,000 in sales, 1000 pre-orders, etc.

Where did you learn about us?

Terms and Conditions

By submitting your registration and/or otherwise participating in the programme, you represent and warrant that all and supporting documents provided by you to us, including but not limited to the registration form, are true, accurate and complete, and you agree to be unequivocally bound by these terms and conditions. Your further agree to the following statements:

I, on behalf of the above company, its directors and its employees, have read and fully understood the terms and conditions elucidated in applying for the Standard Chartered Women in Tech Programme (including the mandatory admission criteria, the rule of the content provided to BongoHive Innovations and the related indemnity provisions) and all notes included in the application guideline.

I hereby declare, on my own behalf and on behalf of the Applicant, it’s directors and its employees, that the information and content provided is true, accurate, complete, up-to-date and not misleading. 

I understand that any incorrect information or content of false statements may result in the termination of the programme license agreement, the loss of status as an incubatee and all of the related support and services provided by Standard Chartered Zambia Plc and  BongoHive Innovations. 

I understand that the information and content provided in the application will be vetted by BongoHive Innovations staff and external assessors. BongoHive Innovations will not sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement on any occasion. 

I understand that the indemnity provision contained in the Terms and Conditions may mean that (amongst other things) the Applicant will have to repay any benefit that BongoHive Innovations and Standard Chartered Bank Zambia Plc have provided to it. The business of the Applicant and the proposed project is original and does not infringe any existing intellectual property right of other individuals or companies. 

I shall constantly update the information and content provided and shall inform BongoHive Innovations immediately if there are any changes to the information or content that I have provided.

Thank you for your interest in this program. By submitting your application you agree program staff and selection committee are able to review the information you have posted to VC4A.