Bolivia Emprende

Who we are

Bolivia Emprende is an initiative of the Foundation Undertake Future that is born in October 2013 and aims to promote entrepreneurship in Bolivia through the articulation of the sectors that promote the same in the ecosystem of entrepreneurship.

This initiative contributes to the development of the entrepreneurial community through its 4 components of action:

1. Information

through the platform is disseminated information about events, leadership tips, success stories, information on economy and Bolivian enterprises, reflecting the image of an enterprising Bolivia that works day by day to strengthen the economic fabric of the country. In this way, the platform is a tool for dissemination and consultation for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

2. Training

Bolivia Emprende also promotes training and training programs for Bolivian entrepreneurs with the purpose of: Formar entrepreneurial attitude Generate a solid networking network Offering tools, methodologies and accompaniment to develop projects in Bolivia.

3. Technological tools

for the purpose of promoting and strengthening entrepreneurship in Bolivia, Bolivia Emprende also innovates through the development of technological tools for entrepreneurs. Such as: Mobile Application Bolivia Emprende, which is the first technological application on entrepreneurship, that provides news on the entrepreneurial and economic field, guides and manuals for the establishment of a company in Bolivia and thus also facilitates tips of entrepreneurship and leadership. Platform for Entrepreneurs first platform for information of entrepreneurship launched in 2014.

4. Networking

With the goal of building and strengthening the community of entrepreneurs, Bolivia Emprende builds and strengthens alliances with and among Bolivian entrepreneurs/entrepreneurs to strengthen and seek the generation of synergies through shared spaces.


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Location La Paz, Bolivia
Targets Bolivia
Sectors Sector agnostic